Big Jack or Fake Mac?

The beast in all its glory: meet the Big Jack, the burger that’s giving McDonald’s so much indigestion. Maccas is suing Hungry Jacks, claiming the Big Jack is a fake Big Mac.

Taste test: Jack gives the Mac a run for its money with salt and fat content but I reckon it outperforms the Mac for sugar overkill; the “special sauce” seems much sweeter than Maccas’.

The buns are not the same. You can’t trademark lettuce, cheese and minced beef.

Judgment: McDonald’s don’t waste your money on lawyers, there are enough fat people to go around for both of you.

A man’s boots

We are gathered here today to honor and pay tribute to the life of a great pair of leather boots. Their reliability was unparalleled, their comfort never in question, their dedication above reproach. While so many just talked the talked, these boots walked the walk … traversing St Kilda’s many cobblestone alleys and backstreets, grassy parks and sandy foreshores. Ne’er pricked by a needle, nor slipped on bullsh*t.
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, when the boot is cracked and broken, to the wheelie bin it must.”