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Greenery in the Scenery

A green garden sanctuary in busy Nha Trang, Vietnam: simple guesthouse room for VND200k (AUD13) a night. It makes a nice change from the “sameness” of hotel rooms …

Braised Beef Twice as Nice with Spice

Bò kho is Vietnamese braised beef. Packed with potato and carrot, just like Grandma made it, but also with plenty of Asian Five Spice and chilli. Toss in a handful of fresh coriander and Vietnamese mint, add a slightly toasted, crispy baguette and you have a delicious but not over-filling lunch. VND40k/AUD2.30

Lucky little egg rice cakes

I’m double double lucky, the old girl seemed to say. What were the odds of scoring double yolks not once but twice in 10 quail eggs? “Banh can” are steamed rice-batter cakes, often cooked roadside, in Nha Trang, Vietnam. The price was VND30,000 so I haggled for 20,000. Nope, you might be lucky but you’re…

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