Not rushin’ to stay in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is beautiful and its people are beautiful. It is an island nation that deserves properity after two decades of civil war.

But I found it wasn’t good value for money. Accomm is very expensive, given the options on offer in that part of the world. The previous government wooed Russian tourists (no visa fees etc) to the point that they now soak up the best accomm (that’s only smart).
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Media’s crisis of credibility

Media News Corp, The ABC, Nine Network, Fairfax, Crikey,

Who do we believe?

News Corp’s – and Murdoch’s friend – McCrann, or the ABC, Fairfax, Crikey and Nine Network?

Australia’s media has a “crisis of credibility”.

As a 30-year journalist, including 23 years at News Corp, I lay the blame at the feet of News Corp and the Liberal Party.

The solution: bring back a media culture of impartiality.

Cleaning the pots and woks

I found the centre of Bangkok’s money laundering operation, deep in the back alleyways of Chinatown…

Clean cash.

Clean cash.

Seriously, the Thai people are meticulous about cleanliness and hygiene.

In Talat Noi (Chinatown), which is not so much a tourism hub but where locals work, eat, shop and live, I saw them scrubbing their pots and woks at the start AND finish of the day, and constantly sweeping clean the footpaths and laneways.

The pride the parents have in their children’s school uniforms is something to behold.

Air pollution, however, can give a feeling of general dirtiness.

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