The Moc Bai Visa Run

Star Wars hero Han Solo, piloting his Millennium Falcon, famously boasted of doing “the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs”. Greg Hackett can top that: “the Moc Bai visa run”. Admittedly, it was more than 12 parsecs – and more than a handful of US$ The border visa run is an essential experience for … Continue reading The Moc Bai Visa Run

Bánh mì Baguette With a Sausage & Sauce: Readjusting to Aussie Food

Who doesn’t adore Vietnam’s bánh mì baguette? Light and crusty. Time to “re-acclimatise” to Aussie food (fly home from Vung Tau tonight) so lunch is a good ol’ snag & egg in a roll. With tomato sauce. After a month of mostly preservative-free Asian eating, Aussie food can give you a hard kick in the … Continue reading Bánh mì Baguette With a Sausage & Sauce: Readjusting to Aussie Food

Fast Food Wars in Vietnam

Fast Food Wars: the smokey, heat of battle in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Pitched on each side of the street, it’s Cóm 25k versus Cóm Tàm 25k. Maccas v Hungry Jack’s? KFC v Red Rooster? Both sell the grilled, ultra-thin chicken cutlet with egg, rice, vegie and a squirt of sweet chilli syrup. Delicious, too. Let’s … Continue reading Fast Food Wars in Vietnam

Vietnam Grows on You

Vietnam devotes much effort into beautifying the beachside parks and gardens. This is the “Back Beach”, in Vung Tau; the same for Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An – at destinations up and down the Vietnam coast.

Traditional Vietnamese Wedding is a Feast of Fun

Traditional Vietnamese wedding near nha Trang: what an honour to be invited, by Dung to the wedding of one of her work staff. They are so courteous and friendly. Two fun & friendly hours of eating, speeches, eating, singing, eating, hand-shaking, eating, pics, eating …(videos to come)


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