Emirates cuts hurt but look beyond the Covid cloud

More pain, as Emirates says it will cut 30,000 jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic’s halt to air travel. Emirates airlines launched in the late 1980s. The routes expanded and, come the 21st Century, Emirates forced the arrogant old airlines to lift their game by offering a top class service to all cabin classes. Video screens in all seats, good meals setved hot, and friendly, multi-lingual staff were standard, not exclusive. Sadly, a downside to codeshare meant you could excitedly buy an Emirates economy airfare only to have your hopes dashed as you boarded a Qantas flight, isolated from the important Corporates and herded down the back to the Untouchables Class.
Let’s stay positive, smother this Covid curse with common sense, and we will soon get back exploring the world on these good arlines, such as Emirates.

Original article: https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/world/2020/05/18/emirates-to-cut-jobs-report/

Class act: Emirates delivers in all Cabin classes