Lucky little egg rice cakes

I’m double double lucky, the old girl seemed to say.

What were the odds of scoring double yolks not once but twice in 10 quail eggs?

“Banh can” are steamed rice-batter cakes, often cooked roadside, in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

The price was VND30,000 so I haggled for 20,000. Nope, you might be lucky but you’re still paying full price, Mister!


So I gave her 50,000 ($3) anyway. Now she’s happy, I’m happy, Buddha happy.

Isn’t life good when you’re not a selfish pr*ck?

Great News for Vietnam-Australia Air Travel

Vietnam budget airline Vietjet will fly direct between Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh City, starting March 31 2023.

Vietjet joins Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways, with direct flights between Australia and Vietnam.

Vietjet fare classes will include SkyBoss Business, SkyBoss, Deluxe and Eco.

Victorian Government Minister Tim Pallas said the new service would boost sustainable tourism, and trade.

Flights are expected to increase to seven weekly, in December 2024.


  • On every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, flights depart from HCMC at 09:50 AM (local time) and land at Melbourne Airport at 10:35 PM (local time) on the same day.
  • On every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, flights depart from Melbourne Airport at 00:30 AM (local time) and arrive in HCMC at 05:15 AM (local time) on the same day.

A fascinating new story starts with just a “hello”

Enjoying a coffee at St Kilda’s popular Acland Street cake shops with my friend Joan from the UK, and noticed a fellow patron taking notes whilest obviously enjoying a mint slice.

So, we chatted.

Folks, meet Melbourne author Leanne Francia, who has recently published her first children’s illustrated book, “No More Monsters”.

Leanne happened to have a copy, which she graciously signed – and now Joan has a fabulous, real souvenir of her time in St Kilda to take back to the UK and give to a little friend.

The wonderful, interesting people you meet on the street, while having a coffee.

All you need to do is say “hello”.