Crayfish to Crave. But be Prepared to Shell Out for it

You beauty!

Dinner tonight. That’s 750 grams of Vietnam crayfish to crave.

I shook his hand (antenna) in the tank first, to make sure he was a fine specimen.

Now into the pot, then onto the barbie, and bon appetit.

1.2 mmillion dong (AUD$75), in Vung Tau. Same price in Nha Trang and DaNang.

If you think fresh seafood is still cheap in South-East Asia, you’re dreaming.

Demand from China has put paid to that. (You can see why the Qantas CEO prefers a planeful of Tassie live lobster, to economy passengers.)

Fresh, live crayfish in Vietnam. This is a beaut specimen, for dinner tonight. Demand from China is pushing up the price of fresh seafood across Asia