Airport Macca’s Brekky Comes at a Price

Things I Love about #Airports: 2. Macca’s are everywhere.

This is AUD17.50 (400 baht) breakfast “deal” in Bangkok.

I chose the sausage-less McMuffin – only cheese & egg – as the healthy option 😁

Yes, those are chicken nuggets, which I mistook for potato gems (oh, those cunning Marketing Managers and their imagery!)

I consider chicken nuggets to be food’s version of AI.

To trick myself, I scrunched up a few and put them in the sausage-less McMuffin.

It didn’t work.

The hash brown was good.

The coffee, an extra 24-baht latte upgrade, was very good (you can’t knock a Macca’s coffee these days).

Upside: I shall never again complain about the prices at St Kilda Macca’s.

Travel is about Diversity (as is the Quality of the Morning Coffee)

Kick start the morning: there is only one universal way, and it applies here on a brief visa run to Bangkok, Thailand.

Admission: I’m missing my Vietnamese coffee.

(St Kilda coffee? ‘Tis now but a distant, cherished memory 😄)

I had to add sugar this morning, to blunt the edge on this one.

But, hey, what is travel if not discovery? An adventure.

Coffee followed by the “tourist breakfast”.

That is wholemeal toast, too!

Those poached eggs are heart shaped … awww maybe the cook likes me?

Though noon already approaches, this is a most sensible way to begin the day’s proceedings in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand.

Coffee, juice & food 155 baht (AUD6.80)

Alas, The Piquant Mini Sausage Piques My Interest No More

The piquant, mini sausages of South-East Asia.

At every breakfast buffet, cafe, street cart vendor.

A staple of any Asian traveller’s diet; the acme of manufactured meat.

I used to enjoy a small – very small – portion of these zestful mystery bags.

That is, until my recent flight from Vietnam to Cambodia, when a fellow passenger seated to my immediate rear, and obviously a “mini sausage” gastronomist, had an excess of wind.

The flight suffered severe flatulence, not turbulence.

It was 90 minutes of non-stop, emanating mini sausage, sickly sweet piquancy.

For the first time, I had wished that face masks were still mandatory on flights.

Sadly, I now find these sapid snags to be beyond the boundaries of my otherwise wide and adventurous palate.

So, I shall conceal in a serviette these two items left over on my breakfast plate (you’ll notice everything else has been scoffed with satisfying alacrity), and spirit them away to my guest house room where, hopefully, they will be welcomed by my balcony’s nightly visitor, a neighboring cat I’ve nicknamed Miss Brindle …

Taste of Freedom is a Big Brekky Brioche

A beautiful spring morning and a Big Brekky Brioche.

Cheese, egg perfectly fried with that only just juicy yolk, spinach and multi layers of bacon.

The spicy sweetness of the sesame seeded brioche bun and home-made tomato chutney is reminiscent of the French South Pacific, lunching by the crystal waters of the Île des Pins (Isle of Pines) … but St Kilda Grocery Bar on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, will do for now.

Happiness is two hash browns

Easter Monday Morning. A grey, sullen sky and a chill in the wind as if Winter’s icy fingertips are creeping around the corner.

Shake off the gloom, grab the hat and saunter down to Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, in search of a sign life …  and here it is, The Grocery Bar where breakfast is big and the warm smile is free.

Two hash browns, baby spinach hiding under scrambled eggs, smashed avo, and owner Georgia’s home-made tomato relish. $16.90.

This is the way to greet the day.

The Sun is even poking through the clouds …