Scottish fish ‘n’ chips – at home

Lunch: steak of Scottish haddock with cheddar & leek melt, in a golden crumb, served with straight cut chips drizzled with Modena balsamic vinegar and a dusting of genuine Saxa seasoning.

(Aldi fish cake with frozen chips, and table salt, cooked in air fryer. If the local Aldi falls to Covid, I’ll give up and go see out my days in a bush cave at Wooragee …)

Crumbed Scottish haddock with cheddar and leek melt, and chips. Done in the air fryer.

Corned beef air fried

Something different: corned beef not boiled but roasted in the air fryer oven.

Rinsed under the tap then cooked 20 mins on high, 30 mins on low.

Crusty surface, tender, moist, salty and very, very tasty. Hot or cold.

Also, it doesn’t shrink like a normal roast.

Bon appetit …