Suffering ‘the darrell’ of travel

Every tour group has a “darrell”. You know, the one who complains the loudest and most often. And wears socks and sandals.¬†The darrell is always holding up the group, lagging behind, late to arrive.

images (1)The darrell knows more than everyone else, especially the tour guide. ¬†Despite looking wanky, the darrell has the hat smothered in pins and patches, and the luggage covered in stickers and stamps¬†from destinations all over the world. This septuagenarian has been everywhere. That must have been expensive, if paying full fare…
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Argentina, from beautiful Buenos Aires to the glaciers of Patagonia

Perito Moreno Glacier from my room at Los NotrosThis is another piece I published in Escape, and is worth republishing because the appeal of Argentina is timeless:

A LOUD “crack” grabs everybody’s attention. Fortunately, my digital camera is turned on so I whip it up as I scan the horizon. Gasps of surprise come from those around me as fingers start pointing to a huge chunk of ice slowly plunging into the opaque water, accompanied by a steady “boom”.

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