Take the menu board at the Dogs’ Bar in St Kilda, Melbourne: Italian carbonara – you can’t go wrong, kids love it. French beef cheek rague (what’s rague, you ask? Obviously, it’s the chef’s fusion of ragu and ragout. Derrr). Salmon “+ prawn pie” – a fancy British fish pie. Indian goat vindaloo – I consider vindaloo the neutron bomb of cuisine, it wipes out everything (but perfect for winter). At $20-$25, all good value. BTW goat is acknowledged as the world’s most widely eaten quadruped per capita; but pork is by volume.


End of the road for Bangkok’s Khao San Road?

No! Say it isn’t so! Has the entire world gone mad? Bangkok authorities have banned all street food stalls, according to Fairfax Media. The Thai capital will have none by year’s end…

Street food vendor in Bangkok's Khao San Road. Picture: Greg Hackett

Street food vendor in Bangkok’s Khao San Road. Picture: Greg Hackett