I’m siding with Qantas on this one. The steward, let’s call him “Stoli”, stole little bottles of vodka, gin and beer, and lied. Stoli worked for Qantas for 28 years… how many did he “acquire” over that time? The Fairfax story implies it could be endemic: 3 crew on the same flight caught by random. Passenger always pays for it in airfares…


Qantas promises free, fast, wi-fi

Good news from Qantas: the airline will provide free, fast, onboard wi-fi on domestic flights in 2017.  Qantas says the new service will be “up to 10 times faster than conventional on-board wi-fi”. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said it would be free – presumably it will be included in the airfare rather than as an user-pays option.

“As a premium carrier, delivering value for money to our customers is extremely important to us. That’s why we’ll be offering access to wi-fi for free, on top of all the other things that are included when you fly Qantas,” Mr Joyce said.

Hopefully, Qantas budget airline subsidiary Jetstar will do the same… 




Booking flights: US dollars and sense

BEING a Jetstar frequent flyer, I booked my flight to Cambodia via Singapore on the Jetstar website. One way, AUD$466.25. Days later, I did the return flight, for a similar price. About to hit “confirm” I noticed… this time it’s $US! Whoa, hold your jets!

jetstar logorps20160114_155741

That’s a bit of a difference, folks. About a third more difference, with the current exchange rate. Fair enough, the return flight departs from Cambodia, where $US are used, even in preference to the local currency, the riel.

But I am a member of the Jetstar website and I had logged in, so it was only fair to presume the fares would be in AUD$.

So, I switched to (I have been writing some destination reviews for so I am familiar with the website) and typed in the return flights details. Up came the same Jetstar flights, offered by Zuji, for alost the same price… except this time in AUD$. Yes please!