Asia Noir: The Black Bar

Shall I venture into the Heart of Darkness … where 3 jaded hookahs of differing exotic flavors sit at the bar, waiting for a hosepipe and a light.

Giggle Gas: bring your rubber refills into the bar and they fill ’em up for a fee. No excuse to not have a good time here. Me, I stick to the hard stuff: “Another Saigon Special beer, thanks barkeep.” That’s how I roll 😎

Asia noir…

Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s coastal playground. Here, life is cheap; the local beer even cheaper. The US$ buys you anything. If they don’t have it, it just costs a little more. Waves of dreadlock haired young Euro backpackers collect new romances. Jaded, old eastern German and Russian couples collect memories. Me? I collect free wifi passwords at restaurants and bars…

Street scene, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Street scene, Sihanoukville, Cambodia