I’m siding with Qantas on this one. The steward, let’s call him “Stoli”, stole little bottles of vodka, gin and beer, and lied. Stoli worked for Qantas for 28 years… how many did he “acquire” over that time? The Fairfax story¬†implies it could be endemic: 3 crew on the same flight caught by random. Passenger always pays for it in airfares…


A race to waste money

Please steal the F1 Grand Prix from Melbourne. It was a tourism drawcard 20 years ago, but time has moved on. We have a budget blackhole while we burn taxpayer’s money? And buzzing the city with a jetfighter on afterburners – really? Let’s come up with a new idea to grab the world’s attention. Something that benefits all, and not just a handful of mega-wealthy men…


Middle East ancient attractions can wait a little longer

Fairfax “Traveller” is a good, quality travel publication. But promoting group tours of the Middle East now? This is most unwise. Isis bullies would be “over the crescent moon” if they could grab an entire tour group of hostages. Iran? Egypt? Jordan? Tunisia? Come on, you’re asking for trouble. These are some of the best destinations in the world… but after they deal with their terrorists.