An Old Tree in a Sprawling City

Urban Trees. There’s something fascinating about an old tree that’s survived many human lifetimes while a self-absorbed city has grown around it.

Perhaps its enduring presence strikes a chord with people who have a creative mind?

This old tree overhangs a school in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Think of how many children, over so many years, have climbed it, played next to it, sheltered in its cool shade – grown up with it.

Smoooth Mooove: all fruit, no sugar and reduce plastic

Travelling in South-East Asia, the trick is to ask for “no sugar or sweet milk” if you prefer only fruit in your daily smoothie (my poison: mango & strawberry. Delicious!)

I wash and reuse the plastic container & straw, and I leave my guesthouse room each morning with a reused plastic bag in my pocket – for those inevitable incidental purchases.

Looking after our planet and the places we enjoy visiting. Every little gesture helps.

Eating In makes a nice change

South-East Asian food is cheap & plentiful.

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to whip up your own, back in your room – especially when on an extended holiday or journey.

An instant noodles bowl can be washed and often reused (reduce #plastic), buy plain egg/rice noodles (minus the salt sachets) and try the variety of sauces, flavourings, vegies, fish, egg etc.

Most hotel/guesthouse rooms have a hot water kettle.

Ăn ngon miệng nhé!

The McGuide to Fast Food Prices

The Travel Maccas Guide: eat it or not, Maccas gives a good global price comparison.

In Nha Trang, Vietnam, this large meal is VND120,000 (USD5.10/AUD7.30)

  • In Vietnam, unlike in Australia, the concept of “large fries” is apparently not interchangeable with “small fries”; it’s plenty.
  • Orange juice option at no extra cost
  • Self-serve sauces at no extra cost