Airport Macca’s Brekky Comes at a Price

Things I Love about #Airports: 2. Macca’s are everywhere.

This is AUD17.50 (400 baht) breakfast “deal” in Bangkok.

I chose the sausage-less McMuffin – only cheese & egg – as the healthy option 😁

Yes, those are chicken nuggets, which I mistook for potato gems (oh, those cunning Marketing Managers and their imagery!)

I consider chicken nuggets to be food’s version of AI.

To trick myself, I scrunched up a few and put them in the sausage-less McMuffin.

It didn’t work.

The hash brown was good.

The coffee, an extra 24-baht latte upgrade, was very good (you can’t knock a Macca’s coffee these days).

Upside: I shall never again complain about the prices at St Kilda Macca’s.

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