Lunch: The Phnom Penh Street Buffet

Lunch is a selection from a Phnom Penh “Street Buffet”.

I’m opting for the “lemon grass chicken” take-away.

Bits of chicken off-cuts (plus bone), the lemon grass as edible tiny ringlets, and some “demonic” red chilli.

With steamed rice.

Verdict: full of flavour.

(Back in my guest house and within a minute of “tucking in”, Miss Brindle, the neighborhood cat, appears on my balcony to “serenade” me. She is rewarded with the bone bits but – no surprise – she leaves the leftover chilli untouched.😊)

Lemon grass chicken is one option at a typical but popular street vendor in the Doun Penh Riverside district of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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