Vietnam Food. So You Think You’ve Tried It All?

You’ve seen it a thousand times, on a dozen visits, probably nibbled it – but never really stopped and “experienced” it. 

South-East Asian food is like that. You may reckon you’ve seen it all but no, there’s always a surprise.

Vietnamese call this grapefruit. It’s a type of pomelo, and it varies in taste, appearance and name, according the area where it’s grown.

This one might be nam roi or doan hung; its juice is sweet and with a lingering acidic after-taste.

It is bursting with “healthy”.

When have you eaten enough?

The sweetness lures you into yet another mouthful, while the hint of acid sharpness suggests otherwise: ahh, the absorbing contradictions, that is travel in South-East Asia.

Vietnamese grapefruit are a pomelo and vary in taste, texture and name, according to where that are grown.

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