Taking Time Out from the Local Food

Taking a break from the local Vietnamese food, brunch is the “Time House muffins”: 2 poached eggs and in-house pork mince patties on roasted-black-sesame seed buns.

Being one not fond of the usual bland “burger cheese”, this imported (New Zealand?) cheddar could arguably hold its own in a licensed fromagerie.

Potatoes sauteed with herbs, onion and crunchy Vietnamese garlic.

Plus fresh fruit: the local watermelon is sweet, and the dragon fruit (“it’s grown just south of here”) adds more than beautiful colour to the meal – the taste of this variety is worth writing home about.

200k (AUD$12.25) for 2 eggs and an extra strong iced coffee. Enough tor 2 people, half will go back to the hotel room fridge for later …

(Time House Auberge & Bistro, Nha Trang, Vietnam)

Time House Muffins: poached eggs, pork patties, cheddar cheese and sauteed potatoes with fresh fruit

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