Healthy Holiday Hack: try Lake Mac

Healthy Holiday Hack: you have to like the sound of that.

Sydney’s Lake Macquarie is a huge well of wellness. Publicist Georgia Cook guides us with some great travel options …

Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in travel and Lake Macquarie, a 90-minute drive from Sydney, is a popular for healthy holiday seekers of all types.

Not everyone’s idea of a wellness weekend is the same. Some travellers are soul searching, others are looking for adrenaline-fueled adventures, while many just want to escape to the wilderness. We have rounded up Lake Macquarie’s top spots for Yearning Yogis, Nature Ninjas and Wilderness Wanderers – the ultimate Healthy Holiday Hack.

Yearning Yogis

Do: Visit Redhead Wellness Sanctuary

Eat: The Yoga Place Cafe

Stay: In2thewild Tiny Houses

Yearning Yogis are a healthy bunch. Not only are they in tune with their inner self, they are known to be bit of a ‘health nut’, enjoying the very best in vegan and organic foods. They love sunrise yoga and hunting down the most secluded spots to stretch and breathe in the sounds of nature.

Redhead Wellness Sanctuary’s 9am Flow Yoga Class held every Saturday is a favourite among local yogis.

Once you have flowed through the morning, head to The Yoga Place Café at Blacksmiths for some of Lake Macquarie’s most nourishing vegan-friendly brunch bites. Their coffee that is fully traceable back to its farmers.

When the day is over, get off the grid and escape to one of In2thewild’s tiny houses – think emerald forests, foraging fauna, campfire clearings, plenty of privacy and unique eco builds. Do not be fooled by the term tiny, because these luxurious, modern cabins are set with everything you need.

Nature Ninjas

Do: Out and About Adventures in Watagans National Park

Eat: 8 at Trinity

Stay: Gap Creek Campground, Bangalow Campground or Wangi Point Holiday Park

Nature Ninjas are adventure-packed and adrenaline-fuelled. Hit “start” on your smartwatch heart monitor and listen up, because Lake Macquarie is about to hijack your heartrate and push you to the red zone.

Head to the Watagans Mountains for the ultimate winter challenge, out of your comfort zone. Try abseiling the spectacular sandstone cliffs at Gap Creek Falls with Out and About Adventures’ sequenced programs beginning with small cliffs and progressing over a series of descents.

It’s a treat to find a holiday park that’s campfire-friendly, hidden deep in the Watagans Mountains: Gap Creek and Bangalow campgrounds, where Nature Ninjas light up a campfire as the sun sets behind the wall of forest trees.

Wangi Point Holiday Park, on the edge of Lake Macquarie, has Villas, Cabins and both powered and unpowered campsites.

Kickstart your morning at 8 with Trinity’s breakfast menu including Green Pea Pancakes topped with poached eggs, fetta, tomato relish, zucchini, and mint salad, and the longest, loose-leaf tea menu in Lake Macquarie.

Wilderness Wanderers

Do: Visit Belmont Wetlands State Park

Eat: Table 1 Espresso

Stay: Bluebell Retreat

Wilderness Wanderers can be into either strenuous treks or serene strolls.

Home to a rich and varied natural environment, Belmont Wetlands State Park has naturally diverse wetlands, tranquil native bushlands and impressive sand dune systems.

When hunger strike: Warners Bay Table 1 Espresso will test your willpower to keep your healthy holiday on track, with their delicious, decadent desserts. However, the superbowls, salads and Atlantic salmon specials, will re-energise your wholesome health vibes.

As night falls, replace step counting with sheep counting at cosy Bluebell Retreat, at Murrays Beach with stunning views of the lake and next to Wallarah National Park, another great Wilderness Wanderer destination for stunning beachside bushwalks.

Lake Mac is a Healthy Holiday Hack. with  32km of pristine coastline, majestic mountains, untouched bushland. Tick all the boxes for wellness tourism.



Lake Macquarie is a huge well of wellness

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