The Battle of Tuk Tuk

Drama in Sihanoukville: some ex-pat Brits and an American had a kerfuffle with a tuk tuk driver. Mr Tuk Tuk allegedly purloined goods belonging to the ex-pats and, upon being verbally challenged, is said to have questioned the parentage of one of the British gentleman, who in turn “demanded satisfaction” and whacked Mr Tuk Tuk. The Tourist Police arrive at the ex-pats’ hotel, but they refuse to accompany the local constabulary to the station unless a “genuine police” officer arrives. The Tourist Police leave and soon return, now wearing their uniform shirts with ID badge. Following many futile phone calls, the ex-pats leave hotel with the officers but then balk at getting in a “police” tuk tuk to go to the station, and are now refusing to leave unless it is in an official police car. They say they know how these matters are dealt with “down the road”.

Updates to come..




Beach currents

Cambodia leads the world in “green energy”. Look at this “power tree”, where beachfront bars can plug straight into the electricity grid. Artistically disguised with a rustic look, the power sockets point blends with the natural environment of Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville…


Holidays with hollandaise

As a travel editor, I’ve tried the local “eggs Benedict” in many countries. I’m not a food writer and have yet to sample France’s best, but I hold (surprisingly) Tropical North Queensland’s Eumundi Pub in the highest esteem. I didn’t expect Cambodia to challenge, but this hollandaise sauce is delicious. The sliced chap potatoes are pan fried with a delicate Asian spice.  (US$4, Angkor Mithona guest house, Phnom Penh).

Vegie Benedict (US$4), Angkor Mithona guest house, Phnom Penh

Vegie Benedict (US$4), Angkor Mithona guest house, Phnom Penh

Proof of life

Iced coffee and today’s newspaper. Yes, folks, here’s my proof of life. I’ve briefly escaped to Cambodia from wintry Melbourne to see if the warmer climate helps my early onset osteoarthritis. More on that later.  For now, it’s flight recovery mode. Hey – you should see the size of that bottle of Angkor Beer the bloke next to me just got…

My favourite Phnom Penh guesthouse, Angkor Mithona

My favourite Phnom Penh accommodation, the Angkor Mithona guest house


No rushin’ on Phnom Penh’s Russian Blvd

Phnom Penh’s traffic makes a good analogy for Cambodia: exiting the airport, my tuk tuk driver turns into a traffic jam. As in the past, on our left the snarl of old tuk tuks, acrid motorbikes and clapped out vans are going nowhere. On our right, a mess of roadworks offer pain but also progress. And just beyond, as if to soon be within reach, is a BMW Premium Auto showroom with new, “cleaner and greener” cars …