The Battle of Tuk Tuk

Drama in Sihanoukville: some ex-pat Brits and an American had a kerfuffle with a tuk tuk driver. Mr Tuk Tuk allegedly purloined goods belonging to the ex-pats and, upon being verbally challenged, is said to have questioned the parentage of one of the British gentleman, who in turn “demanded satisfaction” and whacked Mr Tuk Tuk. The Tourist Police arrive at the ex-pats’ hotel, but they refuse to accompany the local constabulary to the station unless a “genuine police” officer arrives. The Tourist Police leave and soon return, now wearing their uniform shirts with ID badge. Following many futile phone calls, the ex-pats leave hotel with the officers but then balk at getting in a “police” tuk tuk to go to the station, and are now refusing to leave unless it is in an official police car. They say they know how these matters are dealt with “down the road”.

Updates to come..




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