Booking flights: US dollars and sense

BEING a Jetstar frequent flyer, I booked my flight to Cambodia via Singapore on the Jetstar website. One way, AUD$466.25. Days later, I did the return flight, for a similar price. About to hit “confirm” I noticed… this time it’s $US! Whoa, hold your jets!

jetstar logorps20160114_155741

That’s a bit of a difference, folks. About a third more difference, with the current exchange rate. Fair enough, the return flight departs from Cambodia, where $US are used, even in preference to the local currency, the riel.

But I am a member of the Jetstar website and I had logged in, so it was only fair to presume the fares would be in AUD$.

So, I switched to (I have been writing some destination reviews for so I am familiar with the website) and typed in the return flights details. Up came the same Jetstar flights, offered by Zuji, for alost the same price… except this time in AUD$. Yes please!



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