The fisherman’s basket

Lunch. I’ve followed the advice of fellow journo Kay Annette Schmidt, who wrote many a good travel piece for me on Escape, and journeyed to the upper reaches of Hikkaduwa (a short $2 tuk tuk ride) to try the seafood offerings at Coral Beach Hotel.

I asked for a seafood platter but the best they could offer was a “fisherman’s basket”.

Oh well.

It was a crummed seer fish (mackerel) steak which was slightly overcooked for my liking but that’s probably wise in Asia and it was tasty, crumbed prawns, and cuttlefish (similar to calamari and squid) in batter, with chips, half a lime and Sri Lankan tomato sauce which is slightly jellied and and contains plenty of sugar compared to Australia but still delicious.

All fresh and flavoursome. About $13.

Local expert and Welsh expat Holly says the hotel has a popular, all-you-can-eat buffet dinner.

Fisherman's basket, Hikkaduwa style.

Fisherman’s basket, Hikkaduwa style.

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